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Do Slugs Eat Strawberry Plants?

Do Slugs Eat Strawberry Plants?

If you have been seeing some damage to your strawberry plants and the fruit itself then you know that something has been snacking on your strawberry plants. Many critters and bugs love strawberry plants, but if you’re seeing empty holes show up in the strawberry fruit and holes in the plant leaves after it was …

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Can You Put Slugs In Compost?

Can You Put Slugs In Compost?

If you have flowerbeds or a garden then you have probably battled it out with slugs in the garden. One of those battles usually involves picking the slimy things off your plants and out of the soil around them. But once you have done this what can you do with all of them? There are …

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Do slugs Eat Chamomile?

Do Slugs Eat Chamomile?

While some gardening sites recommend chamomile as a slug proof plant and others have people asking what could be causing the holes in the chamomile’s leaves and being told it’s definitely slugs. This leaves many gardeners with questions. Questions like do slugs actually eat chamomile? Or is chamomile a plant that slugs won’t touch? Will …

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Do Slugs Eat Marigolds?

Do Slugs Eat Marigolds?

You’ve planted some small marigolds in your flowerbed or in your garden and suddenly you check one morning and something has been munching on them. In you quest to find out what was devouring your beautiful new flowers you come across the possibility that it could be slugs. But do slugs eat marigolds? Yes, slugs …

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Are Slugs Good for Anything?

Are Slugs Good For Anything?

Are slugs good for anything in the garden? When you think of the havoc that they inflict on your seedlings, flowers, herbs, and vegetables it really makes you wonder just what purpose slugs have in our ecosystem. But just like everything that can make your skin crawl, slugs do actually do serve a purpose in …

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