Companion Plants for Okra

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Okra is a vegetable that grows up to 6 feet tall and loves warm weather with full sun. Using companion planting with okra can help keep unwanted pests away, fix nutrients in the soil, and help control weed growth.

In this article, we go over what are good companion crops to grow with okra and what not to plant near okra in the garden.

Good Companion Plants for Okra

Basil and Cilantro help repel flea beetles and other pests. They also attract pollinators when it flowers.

Cucumbers have been shown to help keep weeds out of the area when planted near okra.

Eggplant makes a good companion crop for okra because it releases potassium that okra can use to grow and thrive.

Garlic and Onions both can help as a natural insect repellent.

Lettuce benefits from the shade cast by tall okra plants.

Melons have been shown to act as a good living mulch and help reduce weeds growing around okra when used as a companion plant for okra.

Marigolds and Nasturtiums attract pollinators and help repel harmful insects.

Peas make good companion plants because they fix the soil with nitrogen which can benefit growing okra plants.

Peppers can help keep cabbageworms away from your okra crop.

Radishes help loosen the soil after harvest which will benefit the okra plants as they grow roots.

Sunflowers help attract pollinators.

Tomatoes can be a trap crop for okra, pulling the stink bugs to the tomato plants instead of okra.

What Not to Plant with Okra

Peach Trees are also susceptible to nematodes and okra will attract those to the area so they should not be planted near each other.

Squash and Sweet Potatoes can increase the presence of nematodes in the area. Keep these planted away from your okra crop.


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