Do Golden Pothos Like Direct Sunlight?

Sometimes, you might come across someone saying that Golden Pothos need sunlight. But do Golden Pothos like direct sunlight? The reality is that like all other Pothos varieties, the Golden Pothos doesn’t like long periods of direct sunlight. But they are more adaptable to direct sunlight than other variegated Pothos plants. Golden Pothos leaves can still get damaged if they are left in direct sunlight too long, such as burn on the leaves.

Do Golden Pothos Like Direct Sunlight

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Golden Pothos and Indirect Light

The best light for a Golden Pothos is bright indirect light.

In their natural habitat, the Golden Pothos is a vining plant that crawls along the tropical forest floor until it finds a tree to climb up. Even though the plant will grow and maneuver its way to the sunlight it is always shaded by big trees overhead. For the best growth of a Golden Pothos, it is best to try to mimic its environment in your home with this in mind.

Always try to filter any direct light that comes through the window to avoid getting burn damage on the leaves of your plant. (see Can Pothos get Sunburn?)

Filtering light can be as easy as using sheer curtains on the window.

Can Golden Pothos Survive in Direct Sunlight?

If the Golden Pothos has adapted to the sunlight, then yes it can survive. But you may still see damage from burns appear on the leaves even if it is surviving in long periods of direct sun.

If the direct sunlight is from the first few hours of the morning sun, then the chances of harm to the plant become much less than if the sunlight is from the rays of the harsh afternoon sun.

Golden Pothos Light Requirements

How to Tell if a Golden Pothos has Damage from Sunlight

The most common thing plant owners will see on a Golden Pothos from the sunlight is burns on the leaves. These will appear as brown spots that can be anywhere on the leaf. They will start to dry out in these spots and look crispy.

If you see these brown spots on your Golden Pothos leaves, make sure to either filter the sunlight coming through the window or move your Golden Pothos to a spot that it will not be in the direct sun.

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