Do Slugs Eat Parsley?

All pests in the garden, including slugs, can be a headache for a gardener to deal with. They can easily cause all kinds of damage to crops that you have planted. This often leads gardeners to wonder what they can plant that slugs won’t want to munch on. Parsley comes up at times due to its fragrance and ability to repel other pests. But do slugs eat parsley? Luckily parsley is one of those crops that once it is past its seedling stage slugs will steer clear of it.

Do Slugs Eat Parsley?

Does Parsley Keep Slugs Away?

Like mint, parsley once it is matured and is not in its seedling stage, will tend to repel slugs away from the area due to the fragrance that the plant puts out. It is because of this that parsley is often used as a companion crop.

So the only time you have to be protective of your parsley against slugs is when it is young. All seedlings in the garden are susceptible to unrecoverable damage from slugs.

Do Slugs Eat Mint?

How To Protect Yount Parsley Plants From Slugs


The easiest way to keep young seedlings away from a slug’s hungry mouth is to start your seeds inside and once the plant has grown quite a bit then transplant it into the garden.

Even with transplanting, you will still need to be vigilant with your young parsley plants. They can still have some attraction for slugs because they are not fully mature yet.

Don’t Encourage Slugs

Many garden decorations and even just garden plant containers can give a dream environment for slugs to thrive. They love to stay in dark and damp places. So places such as under a plant pot or a large rock can be slug magnets.

Try to remove any of these things that might be near a vulnerable crop.

Copper Tape or Rings

Copper rings and copper tape are often highly recommended for keeping slugs off plants. But at a certain point using this deterrent can be too costly and too much trouble.

With copper, you need to have a ring or tape around each plant. This can be great if you are only trying to protect a couple of plants. But if you have a long row of any crop you would be best to try some of the other options for slug deterrents and traps.

Slug Traps

Slug traps are one of the most popular choices for controlling a slug population.

Beer traps are the most commonly used trap. Yeast traps are another option, as it is the yeast in beer that attracts slugs.

Diatomaceous Earth

Using diatomaceous earth can help keep slugs away from plants by putting a ring of it around the plant. It is not something that slugs like to cross over due to it being an irritant.

The drawback with diatomaceous earth is that it has to be replaced often, and this can be tiresome if you get frequent rain.

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