Fast Growing Garden Vegetables You Can Grow In A Home Garden

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Gardening can be a slow process that requires patience. And for some, that can be hard. There comes a point in the process of growing your own food in your own garden that you want to see results. One way to provide this is by making sure that you plant some fast-growing garden vegetables so you can get some early progress and a feeling of fulfillment from your home garden.

Fast Growing Garden Vegetables


Arugula is very popular in salads and it is a very easy to grow vegetable both indoors and outdoors. With Arugula you can harvest some baby arugula in just around 21 days. Most varieties take around 35 days to reach full maturity for harvest if you don’t want baby arugula. So in just three weeks, you can start eating some of your hard work.

Bush Beans

Bush beans grow faster that pole beans do. You can get a harvest from bush beans in as little as 50 days.

Different Types of Green Beans You Can Grow
Companion Plants for Green Beans


Kale will provide you with baby leaves to harvest in as little as 21 days. If you wait till 50 or 60 days you can get fully mature kale leaves to harvest.


Lettuce is another very popular home garden crop, grown both indoors and outdoors. It is also one of the fast-growing vegetables with some varieties having a harvest time of 30 days. Lettuce is also a great companion plant to help provide ground cover and save space.


Radishes are another garden crop that grows at a very fast pace. They are a cool-weather crop. Due to their quick harvesting time, radishes are often used as a companion plant to help loosen soil or even be used as a trap for pests. You can harvest your radishes in as little as 22 days, depending on the variety that you grow.


Spinach is another popular and easy to grow vegetable for home gardeners. You can harvest spinach in as little as 35 days. This is another crop that is used as a companion plant, especially to help save space. So this is a great option if you are gardening in a small area or a square foot garden. Find the different types of spinach you can grow here.

Companion Plants for Spinach

Yellow Squash

Yellow squash is actually a fast growing vegetable crop. Some varieties will start producing squash to be harvested at 50 days.


Like yellow squash, zucchini can start producing in about 50 days. So in just under 2 months you can be eating fresh zucchini noodles right from your garden.

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