Food You Can Grow From Scraps In Your Garden Easily

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You might be surprised to find out there is foods you can grow from scraps that you get from the produce section in your grocery store.

Regrowing herbs and vegetables from scraps you have leftover can be a great way to save money. Not only will it save you from having to purchase even more produce from the store, but it can save you money when starting your garden.

Produce Herbs And Vegetables You Can Regrow:

  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Mint
  • Potatoes
  • Celery
  • Green Onions and Scallions
  • Fennel
  • Lettuce
  • Garlic

Herbs You Can Grow From Scraps

Regrow Basil from Stems


Basil is a very popular herb that is used in many recipes. It is also very easy to grow basil both indoors and outdoors.

Many times you can buy basil plants that are already in a small pot from the grocery store.

However many times once you look closely at these basil plants from the grocery store you will notice that the lush-looking plant you purchased is actually several plants stuffed together. When basil plants are planted together like this they won’t continue to grow well after you have taken it home.

You can remove the plant from the pot and separate the different plants, then re-pot them so they each have their own pot. Sit the newly re-potted basil plants in a sunny windowsill and you’ll have plenty of basil to last you for quite some time.

Another option is to use clippings from the basil and start propitiating a new basil plant in water. This is very easy to do, just trim off some of the stems and leave the leaves that are at the top, remove the leaves from the bottom of the stem. Place the stem in a glass of water, sit in a sunny spot or under a grow light and in about 2 weeks you will have a nice root system growing. You can then plant the new basil plant in its own pot.

Grow cilantro from stem cuttings easily.


Like basil, cilantro can easily be grown from stem cuttings. Cilantro is another easy to grow herb that is used often in the kitchen.

Just put the stem with, some leaves left at the top, in a glass of water. After a couple weeks you should have roots that have grown a couple inches long.

You can then plant your new cilantro plant in it’s own pot.

Grow Mint from Stem cuttings


Mint, like the other herbs mentioned here can be regrown from stem cuttings very easily. And mint is a great container garden herb to grow in a pot.

So if you have some stems of mint, just leave some leaves at the top and pull the ones off the bottom, then put the stem in a glass of water.

Soon you’ll have roots appearing and can put your new mint plant in it’s own pot of soil.

Vegetables You Can Grow From Scraps

Grow Potatoes in Your Garden from Scraps


Do you have some potatoes that started sprouting many eyes and they got really soft? Don’t throw those out, plant them in your garden!

You can grow your own potatoes from potatoes that you buy in the grocery store.

All you need to do is cut the potato into two-inch pieces and make sure there are about 3 eyes on each piece. Plant them about 4 inches deep in your garden, raised bed, or container. In a couple of weeks you will start to see a potato plant beginning to grow.

In fact this is how I have grown all of my potatoes.

Planter Pot with Flap and Handles, Garden Planting Grow Bags for Potato Tomato and Other Vegetables

My favorite way to plant these is to use planter pot bags with flaps that make it easy to get the potatoes out that are under the dirt.

Regrow Celery


If you are looking for one of the easiest vegetables to grow from scraps, then celery is what you are looking for.

All you have to do is cut off the base of the celery and put it in a bowl or small glass with some water in the bottom. Put the bowl or glass in a sunny spot and in about a week you will start to see the celery begin regrowing.

After the celery has started to regrow you can transplant it into your garden to grow the rest of the way.

Regrow Green Onions From Scraps

Green Onions and Scallions

Green Onions and Scallions are one of my favorite vegetables to regrow from scraps.

I’ve had one green onion that I started growing from scraps that have been growing for 2 years now. I keep getting more seeds off of it to be able to grow even more green onions.

You can regrow these simply by taking the base of the bulb with the roots still on it and put it in a glass with a bit of water in the bottom.

Once it starts regrowing you can transplant them into a pot or out in the garden.

Regrow Fennel when regrowing food from scraps


Fennel is another food you can regrow from scraps when you still have the bulb left over.

This vegetable regrows much in the same way as celery regrows.

Just place the bulb with roots still attached in a glass or bowl of water and you should start to see new shoots growing from the middle of the base of the fennel bulb. Once you see these growing you can transplant the fennel into your garden.


Regrowing Lettuce from scraps is probably one of the most popular foods to grow from scraps.

Many times you can also just keep harvesting the lettuce leaves as they continue growing. Lettuce is the ultimate food to regrow to save money.

All you need to do is save the rooting section of the lettuce head and place it in water. Keep this in a sunny spot and in about a week you will see new roots growing and new leaves. Once this happens you can transplant the lettuce into a pot or in the garden.


If you keep a few cloves from a garlic bulb you’ve gotten you can plant it in your garden and grow some new garlic.

It is best to plant garlic cloves in the fall. You will want to plant the garlic root side down.

The next spring or summer after you planted the garlic you will have a new full garlic bulb.

Garlic isn’t the fastest food you can grow from scraps, but it is still a way you can save some money in the long run by regrowing food.

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