Global Green Pothos Care Guide (Epipremnum aureum ‘Global Green’)

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Global Green Pothos are not as rare as they used to be due to their recent explosion into big-box stores such as Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot. They have been selling out fast due to the popularity spreading across social media as houseplant lovers share where they are finding them. As a lover of Pothos plants myself, I of course had to go out on a quest to find one too.

You might be surprised to know that caring for a Global Green Pothos is not much different than any other type of Pothos plant. In this article, we go over how to take care of a Global Green Pothos.

Epipremnum aureum ‘Global Green’ has unique looking variegation for a pothos with light green and dark green leaf without any speckles. The variegation is solid colors of green and is quite striking when under the right light.

Epipremnum aureum 'Global Green' Leaf up close

So once you find one for yourself, how do you care for it? Luckily caring for Global Greens is not much different from caring for other Pothos plants. In this care guide, we’ll go over what you need for Global Green Pothos care.

Global Green Pothos Origin

What is a Global Green Pothos?

The Global Green Pothos is a more recent cultivar of the Pothos plant. It stands out from other types of Pothos because of the unique look of dark green leaves with lighter green variegation in the center of the leaf.

Global Green Pothos leaf up close.
A closeup look at a Global Green Pothos Leaf

Where The Global Green Pothos Comes From

With this being a new arrival in many of the big box stores lately, it has many asking the question: “Where does global green pothos come from?

While Pothos plants originally come from Moorea in French Polynesia, the Global Green (Epipremnum aureum ‘Global Green‘) just recently started appearing in North American stores.

Costa Farms has exclusive propagation rights for this type of Pothos and there is a patent for the Global Green Pothos. While there isn’t too much information on the origins of the Global Green, the patent shows that it is a mutation that was discovered in Japan in May of 2016.

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Global Green Pothos Care Guide

Global Green Pothos Care – Quick Plant Care Overview

  1. Allow the top few inches of soil to dry out before watering.
  2. Does best in bright indirect light, but can do well in lower light levels.
  3. Use a well-draining pot with well-draining soil.
  4. Fertilize twice a year, once in the spring and summer.
  5. Repot as the plant grows, spring is the best time to repot.
  6. Keep temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Optimal humidity 40% or more.
  8. Toxic to pets.

Global Green Pothos Watering

You want to allow the top few inches of soil for your Global Green to dry between waterings. The best way to test this is to stick your finger into the soil and see how the moisture level feels. Another way you can test the moisture level is to use a moisture meter, but using your own skin to feel the soil is a much better indicator.

Do not overwater your plant. Overwatering the plant leads to soggy soil and stagnant water which will lead to root rot. It is hard to save a plant from root rot, so try to avoid watering your plant when the soil is still moist.

Global Green Pothos Light

Thanks to the amount of green in the leaves, the Global Green can adapt to different light levels fairly well. While bright indirect light will give the most benefit to your plant, they still do well in medium-level light.

Type of Pot

You will want to get a well-draining pot, just like any other houseplant.

If you tend to overwater your plants you can try a terracotta pot, but I find that using these with a tropical plant usually leads to having too low of moisture levels in the soil and the plant doesn’t do too well.

One of the best ways to pot a pothos is to use a nursery pot that has large drainage holes in the bottom and then sit that into a decorative pot. This gives you an easy way to allow the plant to have the drainage it needs and keep some moisture for a bit of time before the soil completely dries out. Also, using the nursery pot gives you an easy way to do bottom watering for your plant which can be needed at times.

Global Green Pothos Soil

A regular potting mix will work for any Pothos plant, including the Global Green. Adding some extra perlite to the soil can help get better drainage in the soil.


With Pothos plants, they need to be repotted about every other year. If you find your plant growing fast it might need to be repotted every year instead of two.

Pothos plants don’t mind being a bit root-bound, but not too much. If the roots start growing out of the bottom of the pot, however, it would be a good time to upgrade the pot for the plant to a bigger size.

Another indication of needing a pot is if you start to see the leaves getting droopy even though you water it enough. This is an indication that the plant is root bound too much.

When repotting your plant pick a new pot that is slightly bigger than the old one, make sure it is able to drain well. Don’t increase the pot size too much, you want to pick one a few inches bigger than the previous one.


Like any other Pothos, fertilizing your Global Green is only needed about 2 times per year. Once in the spring and again in the summer. Liquid fertilizer is the best type to use, and half the dosage that is recommended on the container.


Keep your Global Green in a place where the temperature doesn’t drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


Pothos plants aren’t as picky about humidity as other tropical plants. While it is optimal to keep the humidity between 40% and 60%, you don’t have to watch humidity as much as you would if you had a Philodendron.

The main thing that humidity is going to affect is the frequency that you will need to water your Pothos. Where I live in the summer humidity levels get well over 60% and I don’t have to water my Pothos as much as I do in the winter when humidity is around 20%.

Global Green Pothos Leaves

Growth Rate

The Global Green Pothos is one of the faster-growing Pothos plants.

It is a vining plant that can also climb if you would like it to. The vines can grow 10 feet long.


How much you need to prune your Global Green will depend on how you would like it to grow.

If you want it to trail or climb with its vines, then you won’t need to trim back too much growth. But if you would like the plant to be more compact and bushy then you will need to trim the plant more often.

You can pinch or cut off new growth as needed. Doing so will encourage the plant to branch off giving your plant a fuller appearance.

Is Global Green Pothos Propagation Prohibited?

Since this is a patented variety of Pothos, exclusive propagation rights have been granted to Costa Farms by the inventor listed on the patent. The Global Green is listed on the Costa Farms’ website as one of the Pothos varieties that only they can propagate, along with Manjula and Pearls and Jade.

While you aren’t supposed to propagate it, more than likely it would propagate like any other Pothos plant.

Global Green Pothos Plant Toxicity and Pets

All pothos plants are toxic to both dogs and cats due to the calcium oxalates in the plant. If you do have pets it is best to keep your plant up high out of reach of your animals.

Common Problems

Global Green Pothos Yellow Leaves

The reason that Global Green Pothos get yellow leaves is due to watering, either not enough or too much.

If the soil is constantly moist and you are seeing the plant start to get yellow leaves, then you need to cut back on the frequency you water the leaves and allow the soil to dry out.

If the soil is dry and you are seeing yellowing leaves on the plant then this could be due to a lack of water. Water your Global Green after the top few inches of soil dries out.

The other reason that Global Greens Pothos could be starting to get yellow leaves is a lack of nutrition. While Pothos plants don’t require as much fertilizer as some other houseplants, it is still important to give them fertilizer in the spring and summer months.

Frequently Asked Questions about Global Green Pothos

Is Global Green Pothos a rare plant?

While not ‘rare’, the Global Green Pothos can be difficult to find at times. Since only one company has the rights to propagate the plant you will only be finding this variety in stores that carry Costa Farms plants. You can also find some sellers on Etsy.

Is the Global Green Pothos a reverted N’Joy Pothos?

No, the Global Green Pohos is not a reverted N’Joy. This variety of Pothos comes from a mutation that was discovered in 2016 in Japan and is patented.

Is global green pothos patented?

Yes, the Global Green is patented. You can find the patent here. This cultivar was discovered in Japan and Costa Farms currently holds the rights to propagate this plant.

Is the Global Green Pothos a reverted Manjula Pothos?

There is no indication that the Global Green is a reversion of the Manjula. Although there is some speculation due to how a reverted Manjual looks there is no evidence at this time that it is a reversion. According to the patent, the Global Green Pothos is a naturally occurring mutation from an unspecified cultivar of the Epipremnum aureum.

Is the Global Green Pothos discontinued?

No, Global Green Pothos is not discontinued. At this time Costa Farms is selling this Pothos plant in many big box stores such as Walmart. You can also find Global Greens online on websites such as Etsy.


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