How To Dry Out an Overwatered Pothos

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the problem you are having with your Pothos plant is that it is in fact overwatered. Yellowing leaves with soil that is constantly moist is one of the most common signs of an overwatered Pothos. So what do you do if your Pothos is overwatered? In this article, we go over how to dry out an overwatered Pothos plant in different ways depending on the severity of the overwatering of the plant.

How to Dry Out an Overwatered Pothos

How to Dry Out Pothos Soil

Underwatered vs Overwatered Pothos: Signs to Look For

The most common remedy to an overwatered Pothos is to just let the soil dry out. If the plant has not been overwatered for too long then not much damage will have been done to the plant or root system.

If this is the case all you need to do is to allow your plant’s soil to dry out all of the way.

To dry out the soil, increase the amount of time between watering your plant and test the soil to make sure that it is dry to the touch before your water it again.

This works best when you have your plant in a pot that allows drainage. If your plant is in a pot that doesn’t allow drainage then to dry the soil you will need to repot your Pothos.

Drying Out an Overwatered Pothos by Repotting

Pothos Root Rot

If your Pothos has been overwatered for a long period of time, root rot could have started. This is a condition that is hard to get a plant to recover from. Repotting the plant is the only option if your Pothos has gotten root rot.

If your Pothos does have root rot you might want to take some cuttings and propagate a new Pothos in water. Getting plants to recover from root rot can be very difficult and by propagating a new one you can still have your plant live on.

In a Pot With No Drainage

The other instance that you may need to repot your Pothos in order to dry it out is if you have your Pothos in a pot that does not allow drainage. Having a plant pot that has drainage is vital for any houseplant. Without the drainage, it is hard to get the plant soil to dry out, and it increases the likelihood of the Pothos getting root rot.

In order to dry out the overwatered pothos by repotting the plant, you will need to get a new pot that has drainage. Take the plant out of its current pot and remove as much of the soil as you can. Inspect the roots of the Pothos and trim away any dark mushy roots. This is an indication of root rot and they need to be removed.

Once you have removed as much of the soil as you can and cleaned up the root ball of the plant it is time to put it in new dry soil in its new pot.

Allow a few days to pass before giving the plant any water after this, and once you do water it only give it a small amount of water. Allow the top couple of inches of soil to dry before you water your Pothos again.

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