How to Make a Pothos Grow Faster

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Pothos plants are known for their long trailing vines and beautiful leaves. But what happens if your Pothos doesn’t seem to be growing very fast? How can you make your Pothos grow faster to get those wonderful looking vines that they are known for? In this article, we go over things you can do to make a Pothos grow faster.

How to Make a Pothos Grow Faster

How Can I Make My Pothos Grow Faster?

  • Repot as needed.
  • Fertilizer
  • Bright Indirect Light
  • Don’t overwater or underwater

The number one thing you can do for your Pothos to get it to grow faster is to put the plant in bright indirect light. While the Pothos plant is known for its ability to adapt to lower light and still survive, it will not thrive in low light. If you don’t have a good amount of natural light available consider using a LED grow light to substitute the light that it needs to grow at a good rate.

Repotting your Pothos as needed is also important to get it to grow at its fastest rate. Many Pothos don’t need to be repotted too often, about once every two years. But if you have a young Pothos that is in a very small pot, you might need to increase the frequency that you repot your plant.

Golden Pothos with vines trailing from the pot.
Golden Pothos

Using fertilizer can also help speed up the rate that your Pothos grows. They are not a plant that needs much fertilizer, but providing it with some liquid plant fertilizer once in the spring and again in the summer can help speed up the growth. In addition to using liquid fertilizer twice a year, I also use Fish Fertilizer once a month when watering my Pothos to help give them a good dose of nitrogen.

Giving your Pothos the right amount of water will also play a crucial role in its ability to grow well. You need to make sure not to overwater the Pothos or underwater it. Not enough water will cause your plant to slow down its growth since it is not able to get what it needs. Too much water can lead to issues such as root rot, which can devastate any plant.

Why Is My Pothos Growing So Slow?

The first thing to consider if your Pothos isn’t growing much is what are the light levels like. This is especially true if you have the variegated Pothos such as a Pearls and Jade Pothos, N’Joy Pothos, or Manjula Pothos. The more variegation the plant has the more light it needs to just do its normal daily photosynthesis to keep itself alive. Brighter light means that the plant can create more energy for itself and sustain more foliage. Bright indirect light would be best to keep your Pothos in if you are trying to get more growth.

Does your Pothos need to be repotted? If the plant has been sitting in the same size pot for the last year or two it might be time for an upgrade. More room in the pot means more room to grow roots, which will help the plant grow more.

Are you giving your Pothos the nutrients that it needs to be able to grow? Make sure that you are fertilizing your Pothos at least twice per year, once in the spring and again in the summer.

Another consideration for slow growth on a Pothos is the current season. If it is fall or winter, this is not the growing season for the plant. Spring and summer are the seasons in which Pothos plants will grow the most.

Marble Queen Pothos in a pot on a small table
Marble Queen Pothos

How Long Does It Take For Pothos To Grow New Leaves

Typically the time it takes for a Pothos to grow new leaves varies. There are multiple factors that can affect the growth rate of your Pothos plant.

The type of Pothos will be a factor. Certain Pothos cultivars grow faster than others.

Another issue will be the amount of water that your Pothos gets. If your Pothos is underwater it will not grow as fast and it will also have smaller leaves than other Pothos that get enough water. See the care guide for your type of Pothos to see what its watering needs are.

Pothos Growing Season

The season will also be a big factor in the growth rate. Pothos typically grow in the spring and summer months. These are the months that have longer days, therefore more light, and have more rainfall. To mimic this environment indoors even during the winter and fall you will need to keep the temperature up in the mid 70s, use a grow light to extend the amount of light that the plant gets and make sure to water it when it needs water and not let it dry out for too long.

Which Type of Pothos Grows the Fastest?

When it comes to Pothos growth rate, the darker color Pothos plants grow the fastest.

Golden Pothos, Global Green Pothos, and Jade Pothos would be the best types of Pothos plants to get if you want one of the fastest growing Pothos cultivars.

If you really want a variegated Pothos that grows a bit faster than some of the slower-growing Pothos then the Marble Queen Pothos would be the best one to get for a variegated variety.

Pothos Growth Rate

On average, if all of the needs of the Pothos are met they will grow about 10 to 12 inches each month during the growing season. Keep in mind that this requires a faster growing cultivar. If you have a N’Joy, Manjula, or Pearls and Jade for example they will grow slower since they have more variegation and won’t have as much chlorophyll as other varieties that have less variegation and darker green areas.

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