How to Store a Wheelbarrow – Storage Ideas to Keep Your Wheelbarrow Like New

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If you have a wheelbarrow or are thinking about getting a new wheelbarrow to help with your garden work then you also need to have some storage for your wheelbarrow. But how do you store a wheelbarrow? In this post, we go over how to store a wheelbarrow so you can keep your’s in great condition for years to come.

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Storage Ideas for Wheelbarrows

When you are looking at how you will store your wheelbarrow you want to think about how you can make your wheelbarrow easily accessible and protected from damage. Wheelbarrows can be heavy, especially if you have one that has a steel bucket, so the weight of your wheelbarrow also needs to be considered.

Make sure that the place you pick is able to shelter the wheelbarrow from water and moisture, if not and you have wood or metal on your wheelbarrow it can cause damage.

Wheelbarrow Wall Bracket

Using a wheelbarrow wall bracket is one of the most common ways that people store wheelbarrows. They are small, inexpensive, and don’t require anything fancy to install.

All you need is to make sure you have enough wall space for your wheelbarrow to hang on the wall when you put it away. If you only have a small area that there isn’t a stud where you have to put the bracket in order for the wheelbarrow to fit, you can always hang some plywood in the area to add support for the weight.

When considering a wall bracket for storing your wheelbarrow, make sure you get a bracket specifically made for the purpose of hanging a wheelbarrow. This is especially important when you have a heavier wheelbarrow that is made out of metal.

Racor Wheelbarrow Wall Bracket

Racor Wheelbarrow Wall Bracket - Easy to install wheelbarrow storage.

If you have a lighter wheelbarrow, you might not need to get a bracket as heavy duty. Other brackets might be able to accommodate your lighter weight wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow Wall Hanger

Wall hangers for wheelbarrows are like a bracket, but they’re bigger and work well with different-sized wheelbarrows. These usually won’t hold as much weight as the wheelbarrow brackets. So make sure to consider the weight of your wheelbarrow before getting a wheelbarrow hanger.

Crawford Wheelbarrow Hanger

Wheelbarrow Ceiling Storage

If you don’t have much wall space to use a bracket or hanger to store your wheelbarrow, then a wheelbarrow ceiling storage system might be right for you. Of course, you still need to have space, but this time in the ceiling area, not on the wall.

With wheelbarrow ceiling storage systems you can DIY your own with some heavy-duty rope and a pulley system. Or you can buy a pre-made pulley system that is specifically for wheelbarrow storage.

StoreYourBoard Wheelbarrow Ceiling Storage Hoist

StoreYourBoard Wheelbarrow Ceiling Storage Hoist

DIY Fenceline Wheelbarrow Storage

There is also the option that many DIYers pick, and that’s a DIY fenceline wheelbarrow storage. All you need is some 2x4s and some clothesline and you have a place to store your wheelbarrow. You can find some handy directions here.

All Natural Wheelbarrow Storage

This is by far the easiest way to store a wheelbarrow. But it won’t really protect the entire wheelbarrow.

The most basic way to store a wheelbarrow is to tip it over and lean it up against something.

How to Store a Wheelbarrow - The easy way, turn it over.

Now using this method to store your wheelbarrow will not keep it protected from moisture and the weather. But it will keep the bucket part protected from water standing in it. There is no faster way to ruin a wheelbarrow than getting the steel bucket rusted through because the water was left in it.

Conclusion on Storing Wheelbarrows

There are options out there to fit anyone’s storage needs. You need to consider the space where you would like to store your wheelbarrow and make sure there is enough room. And if you choose to hang your wheelbarrow, make sure you know how much it weighs so you don’t end up getting a storage system that isn’t strong enough to hold your wheelbarrow.

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