Jade Pothos Care Guide

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While not as popular as newer varieties of Pothos plants that have come out lately, the Jade Pothos is an oldie but a goodie. It is a non-variegated Pothos that is known for its dark green leaves. If you have become an owner of a Jade Pothos and are wondering how you can help your plant thrive then this Jade Pothos care guide is just what you need to learn how to take care of a Jade Pothos.

Jade Pothos Origins

The Jade Pothos is a tropical plant that originates from the tropical forests of French Polynesia.

The main difference with the Jade Pothos, when compared to other types of Pothos, is that there is no variegation on the leaves. Jade Pothos have solid dark green leaves.

Jade Pothos Scientific Name

  • Epipremnum aureum ‘Jade’

Are Golden Pothos and Jade Pothos the Same?

No, the Golden Pothos and Jade Pothos are two different types of Pothos varieties. Jade Pothos has solid green leaves while the Golden Pothos is known for its golden or cream-colored variegations.

Is The Jade Pothos Rare?

Even though this is one of the older varieties of Pothos plants out there, the Jade Pothos is amazingly hard to find. Most stores carry the Golden Pothos and the newer varieties coming out on the market, but you will find it harder to locate a Jade Pothos.

The best bet to find one is to check at local plant nurseries. The other way to locate one is online. Facebook Marketplace and Etsy are the two most popular places to find a Jade Pothos right now.

Jade Pothos Care Guide

Jade Pothos Care

  • Can tolerate many light levels, including low light.
  • Must have well-draining soil along with a pot that allows for drainage.
  • Water once the soil is mostly dry.
  • Don’t allow the temperature to drop below 55°F
  • Fertilize at least twice a year (Spring and Summer)
  • Repot as needed only going up one pot size at a time.
  • Prefers humidity > 40%
  • Keep out of the reach of pets, can be toxic to both cats and dogs

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Jade Pothos Light Requirements

Jade Pothos is a plant that can adapt to just about any light level. They will do best in bright indirect light, but you can even grow these in a bathroom with no windows as one Redditor has done. So if you have an area that doesn’t get the best light then a Jade Pothos might be the perfect plant for that spot.

As with all other Pothos plants do not put your plant in a place where it will be in direct unfiltered sunlight. This can lead to damaged leaves from burns due to the sun. Always filter any direct sunlight that your plant could be subject to.

If you do want faster growth then it would be best to put the plant in a brighter area as opposed to a dark area. Or if that is not an option you can also substitute light by using LED grow lights.

Jade Pothos Watering

Allow most of the soil to dry out before you water your Jade Pothos. If you notice the leaves starting to droop slightly and the soil is dry to the touch then it is time to water your plant.

Overwatered Pothos can get root rot easily so you want to pay attention to how your’s looks to see if it is showing signs of being overwatered or underwater.

Jade Pothos Soil and Potting Needs

Like other houseplants, the Jade Pothos needs well-draining soil along with a pot that allows for drainage.

A standard houseplant potting mix with additional perlite added to it will work well for these plants.

If the soil is too dense it will not allow the water to drain well and the roots will become waterlogged and start to get root rot. This can also happen when a pot doesn’t allow the soil to drain. Without drainage in the pot, even well-draining soil is not able to get rid of excess water.


Pothos don’t require much fertilizer. A half dose of a liquid houseplant fertilizer once in the spring and again in the summer is enough for them to grow well.

If you start to notice slow growth, smaller leaves, or your Pothos looking less full you can add a once-a-month watering with Fish Fertilizer added in. I water all of my Pothos plants with this once a month and they love it. I notice more growth in the week following that watering.


Temperatures should be kept between 50°F and 90°F. Pothos plants do not do well in cold temperatures, make sure the temperature does not go below 50°F.


Being a tropical plant, the Jade Pothos does prefer higher humidity levels (greater than 40%).

But like many Pothos it can adapt to lower humidity levels if needed. Lower humidity levels will require more frequent waterings and it will also slow the growth of the plant.

If you need to increase the humidity levels the best way to do so is to use a humidifier in the area where you have your Jade Pothos.

Jade Pothos Propagation

The most popular way to propagate a Jade Pothos plant is to use stem cuttings and place them in water. You can check out the process in our guide on how to propagate a Pothos cutting in water to see how you can propagate a Jade Pothos plant.

Jade Toxicity and Pets

All Pothos plants are toxic to pets. Keep your plant in a place where your pet cannot reach the vines or leaves.


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