Manjula Pothos Care Guide

When people show pictures of their Manjula Pothos on online plant forums and groups they are the envy of many. This cultivar of Pothos was discovered in India and is now making its way into many Pothos loving households. It is known for its beautifully variegated leaves that are larger than other highly variegated Pothos plants along with being heart-shaped with a slight curl. There are a few things that owners of the Manjula are finding are a bit different from other Pothos types when it comes to the care of these plants. In this Manjula Pothos care guide, we go over what you need to do in order to help your Manjula thrive.

Manjula Pothos Care Guide


The Manjula Pothos was a mutation from Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Compacta’. The discovery was made in Mumbai, India. It was initially given the cultivar name HANSOTI14.

Manjula Pothos Patent

The patent for this type of Pothos was issued in 2014 and is expected to expire in 2034. Currently, Costa Farms has this listed on their patent page and they are the current company that propagates and distributes this cultivar.

Is The Manjula Pothos Rare?

Due to the patent and restrictions on propagation, the Manjula Pothos is a bit harder to find than other Pothos plants.

But given that Costa Farms is the current distributor of the Manjula they are starting to appear more often in big box stores. Recently in the first quarter of 2022 many Pothos enthusiasts have been finding Manjulas being sold in Walmart and Lowes.

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Manjula Pothos Care Tips

  • Bright Indirect Light
  • Allow soil to dry out between watering.
  • Use a potting soil mix with added perlite.
  • Don’t allow temperatures to drop below 50°F.
  • Keep humidity between 40% and 60%.
  • Use a pot for the plant that has drainage.

Manjula Pothos Watering Needs

The Manjula is a bit picker about watering than other Pothos varieties. Many find it best to allow the soil to dry out completely before watering this Pothos. Even letting the leaves droop a bit before watering it is recommended by many owners of this plant on Reddit.

You can test the soil by using your finger to see if it is dry on the top. To see if it is dry all the way through I find that picking up the pot to feel the weight is the best test for this. When it is light it is dry.

Manjula Pothos Light Requirements

With the increased amounts of variegation on the leaves of a Manjula, bright indirect light is best. The more white or cream on the leaves, the brighter the light it will need in order to keep producing that level of variegation.

Do not put your Manjula in direct sunlight. Pothos plants can get sunburn if they are left in direct sunlight, especially the more variegated varieties. The light portions of the leaves are very delicate when it comes to sunlight shining on them. Use things such as sheer curtains to help filter any direct sun that might shine through your windows.

Manjula Pothos from Overhead


A regular potting mix with added perlite will work for well for the Manjula. Adding the extra perlite to the soil will help get better soil drainage. Drainage in the soil is very important in preventing root rot.


Repot your Manjla as needed upon inspection. If you see the roots of your plant starting to grow out of the bottom of the pot or if the soil is completely drying out in a couple of days after you have watered it you should consider giving the plant a bigger pot.

Select a new pot that allows for drainage and that is about 2 inches bigger in diameter than the current pot your Manjula is in.

Once Pothos plants are older and in bigger sized pots they usually only need to be repotted about every 2 years.

Small Manjula Pothos Plant


Don’t let the temperature drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Like all other Pothos plants, the Manjula Pothos does not tolerate cold temperatures well.


Like other Pothos the Pearls and Jade like higher levels. 40% to 60% is good.

With Manjulas, while they can adapt to lower humidity levels, there can be some issues with new growth unfurling if they are too low when the plant is growing.

If you need to increase the humidity a humidifier is the best way to do this.

Should I Mist My Manjula Pothos?

Misting Manjulas can cause issues with spots appearing on the leaves. If you need to increase the humidity levels use a humidifier for the area the plant is in instead.


Fertilize once in the spring and again in the summer. Liquid fertilizer for houseplants is great to use for Pothos. Usually it is best to half the dosage that is on the container as Pothos plants are not heavy feeders.

Manjula Pothos in a pot.

Manjula Pothos Propagation

While propagation of the Manjula is prohibited due to the patent, it would still be able to be propagated just like other cultivars of Pothos through cuttings. You can check out our article on propagating Pothos cuttings in water here.

Manjula Pothos Plant Toxicity and Pets

Pothos, including the Manjula, are toxic to pets (both cats and dogs). Keep your plant up and out of the reach of your pets.

Where To Buy a Manjula Pothos Plant?

The Manjula is starting to appear in big box stores such as Walmart and Lowes. Anywhere that sells Costa Farms plants has a chance of having this in stock.

There are also some online sellers that sell Manjula, especially on Etsy. If you do go with this way to purchase your Manjula, make sure to buy from a reputable seller.


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