Why Is My Marble Queen Pothos Losing Variegation?

When it comes to variegated pothos the Marble Queen Pothos is one of the more common varieties of pothos plants that you will find. The Marble Queen Pothos is a beautiful Pothos that has an intense variation that looks like someone splattered paint by trying to throw it on the leaf. When you buy a beautiful Marble Queen Pothos that has tons of variegation the last thing you want to see is that variegation starts to fade away. But this is one common problem many owners find with their Marble Queen Pothos, it begins to lose its variegation. So why do Marble Queen Pothos start losing variegation on the leaves? And is there anything you can do about it? Read on and find out.

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Why Is My Marble Queen Pothos Losing Variegation?

Why Marble Queen Pothos Start Losing Variegation

Almost all variegated houseplants have the chance to start losing variegation. his process of losing variation is called reversion.

Do Marble Queen Pothos Revert?

Yes, Marble Queen Pothos can revert just like other variegated plants. When reversion happens on a Marble Queen Pothos you will start to see the plant producing the new leaves in green only or nearly all green in color. Variegation is a result of a mutation, and this mutation has a chance to revert back to the original green color.

Light levels are usually the number one cause of a Marble Queen Pothos losing variegation. The more variegated a plant is the more light it needs. Only the green parts of the leaves are able to complete photosynthesis which provides the food the plant needs to survive. So if the light is not enough for the plant to produce what it needs to survive it will put out more leaves that are able to do so.

Marble Queen Pothos Variegated Leaves

Keeping the Right Amount of Light

Once you get a Marble Queen Pothos make sure to keep it in a brightly lit area. Some places say that the plant can do ok in low light, while this is technically true it will not be as variegated and you will have green pothos leaves growing instead of the highly variegated leaves a Marble Queen is known for.

Avoid putting your Marble Queen in direct sunlight. While they need bright light, too much of it is not a good thing. Direct sunlight can result in burnt leaves. If the area where you are putting your Marble Queen has direct sun get a sheer curtain to help filter the light so your plant doesn’t burn.

Can Reverted Variegation Come Back on a Marble Queen Pothos?

Once the variegation on a leaf has reverted you can not make that leaf variegated again.

There are some things that people do to try to encourage new variegated growth.

The first thing to do is make sure it’s in an area where it is getting bright light. Remember that since the plant leaves have less green on them when they are variegated they will need more light than non-variegated pothos to have enough photosynthesis occurring to get the food that it needs to survive and grow.

The second thing to do is to remove the vines of green leaves. The vines that are growing currently and producing green leaves will continue to do so. In order to encourage more variegated growth remove the portion of the vine where the green growth started and leave the base of variegated leaves on the plant.

How Do You Get More White on a Marble Queen Pothos?

To encourage more white on Marble Queen Pothos you have to give the plant bright indirect light and remove any of the green leaves that the plant has previously grown. White variegation will only have a chance to increase on new growth. You cannot make existing leaves have more white variegation.

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