Why Is My Marble Queen Pothos Not White?

Often when people see pictures of Marble Queen Pothos on the internet they see this very highly contrasted white and green variegation that these picture-perfect plants have. But this isn’t always how a Marble Queen Pothos will look, and in fact, most don’t have such a bright white color. Due to this it often leads to the question of “Why is my Marble Queen Pothos not white?”

Many of the ones that you see with the bright variegation where the leaf appears mostly white are what is considered a Snow Queen Pothos. While they are the same plant, with the Snow Queen having more variegation, the color is still cream and not a bright white color like some rare plants such as this Instagram perfect Caladium.

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Why is My Marble Queen Pothos Not White?

Is your Marble Queen Pothos losing variegation? Or…. Is your Marble Queen just have a creamy color or light yellow color instead of white in the variegation?

If it is losing variegation you will notice that the new growth on the plant will start to have more green on the leaf and eventually solid green. Check out our guide on why a Marble Queen Pothos would lose its variegation.

Marble Queen Pothos with both cream and yellow variegation.

If you have a highly variegated Marble Queen pothos but the variegation is not very white, this is a normal thing. Most Marble Queens aren’t green with a true white color for variegation. They often have a cream color or light yellow.

Some people even have a plant that will have both cream-colored variegation and yellow variegation.

Marble Queen Pothos Leaves
Marble Queen Pothos with cream and yellow variegation. Photo by Severin Candrian on Unsplash

As long as the plant itself looks healthy and you don’t see any signs of yellowing leaves due to root rot or nutrient deficiency your Marble Queen is ok.

Marble Queen Pothos
Marble Queen Pothos Leaves with cream variegation

If the yellow color that you see is changing on an existing leaf then this could be an indication that the plant is having issues. The color of existing leaves and the variegation should remain the same and not change. You should only see changes in new growth when compared to the rest of the plant.

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