Marble Queen Pothos Vs Golden Pothos

With both the Marble Queen Pothos and the Golden Pothos being in the same genus sometimes those new to Pothos plants get these two types of Pothos cultivars mixed up. It’s often a common question: “What is the difference between the Golden Pothos and the Marble Queen Pothos. In this article, we look at the Marble Queen Pothos vs the Golden Pothos and discuss the differences that these two Pothos plants have.

Marble Queen Pothos vs Golden Pothos

Is a Golden Pothos the Same as a Marble Queen Pothos?

No, the Golden Pothos and the Marble Queen Pothos are not the same plants. Both are from the Epipremnum aureum family but are different cultivars.

Both of these Pothos plants are variegated, but the variegation is what sets them apart.

What Is the Difference Between Marble Queen Pothos and Golden Pothos?

The main difference between a Marble Queen Pothos and a Golden Pothos is how the variegation appears on the leaves.

The Marble Queen’s variegation appears as flecks of green on a cream-colored leaf. The green on the Marble Queen almost appears like someone threw paint on it.

The green to cream/white ratio on the Marble Queen leaves can vary greatly. Some will have more green than white while others will start to get more white. There are different things that can cause the variegation on a Marble Queen to change so the leaves might change as the plant outputs new growth.

Below is a picture of a Marble Queen Pothos leaf up close showing the green flecks on the leaf.

Marble Queen Pothos Leaf Up Close

The Golden Pothos has a golden or cream variegation, but the variegation is more sectional or random on the leaves as opposed to looking like someone threw paint on the leaf. Most of the time there is more green on a Golden Pothos leaf than there is of light-colored variegation.

Below is a picture of a Golden Pothos with a high amount of variegation on the leaf.

Golden Pothos leaf with a lot of variegation.

Marble Queen Pothos Vs Golden Pothos: Growth Rate

The Golden Pothos is known to be one of the faster-growing Pothos cultivars. Growth rates have been reported by owners up to 12 inches a month during the growing season. But often the rate will be slower than this when you have a Golden Pothos inside.

The Marble Queen Pothos’ growth rate is a bit slower than the Golden Pothos. Any plant with more variegation will be slower growing than one with less variegation. But in the Spring and Summer, a Marble Queen can grow at a good rate when they have the right amount of light, are watered adequately, and receives some fertilizer a few times a year.

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