Neon Pothos Care Guide

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Neon Pothos is one of the more common and older cultivars of Pothos plants. It is known for its distinct neon color, almost like a lemon-lime hew in appearance. These plants can be quite an eye-catching piece when they get big. You will find this type of Pothos in many big box stores and in smaller local plant nurseries too. In this care guide, we’ll go over what you need for Neon Pothos care.

Neon Pothos Care Guide

Neon Pothos Care Tips

  • Bright indirect light is best but can tolerate medium light well.
  • Humidity is best between 40% and 60%.
  • Fertilize in the spring and summer.
  • Use a potting soil mix with added perlite for better drainage.
  • You can propagate with a cutting and water easily.
  • Don’t let the temperature drop below 50°F.

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Neon Pothos Watering Needs

Let the top few inches of the soil to dry before you water your plant. Pothos plants are very susceptible to being overwatered so you want to make sure you are not watering your plant too often.

To test the soil moisture for this you can just use your finger and feel the soil by sticking it down into the top layer in the pot. If you can’t use your finger to test the soil moisture you can get a moisture meter. but these aren’t always accurate.

If you do overwater the plant you will want to take steps to dry out the soil of your Neon Pothos. Leaving the plant sitting in soggy soil that is not dried out will lead to root rot.

Small Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos Light Requirements

Bright indirect light is best for a Neon Pothos. But it can tolerate medium light too.

The lower the light level the higher the chance is that new foliage growth could be darker and not as “neon” in appearance as previous growth on the plant. In low light, the new growth can be dark green like a Jade Pothos.

Do not put your Neon Pothos in direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight can lead to sunburn on Pothos leaves.

Neon Pothos Soil

Peat-based indoor potting mix with added perlite will be great for Neon Pothos plants. Always select soil that has good drainage. You do not want a soil that is compact and makes it hard for the water to flow through it.


Neon Pothos will not need to be repotted too often once they are of a good size. Usually about every year or two they will need to go up in pot size and need a refresh of their soil.

If you start to see the roots of your Pothos grow out of the drainage holes of its pot or the soil is constantly drying out too fast then this is a good indication that it is time to repot the plant and get a bigger sized pot. Select a pot that is about 2 inches bigger than the current one and that has good drainage.

Neon Pothos plant


Pothos plants don’t need much fertilizer. Giving a half dose of a liquid houseplant fertilizer once in the spring and again in the summer is enough.

If you start to notice slow growth, smaller leaves, or your Pothos looking less full you can add a once-a-month watering with Fish Fertilizer added in.


Temperatures should be kept between 50°F and 90°F. Pothos plants do not tolerate cold temperatures well so make sure the temperature does not go below 50°F.


Since the Neon Pothos is a tropical plant, it does prefer higher levels of humidity.

Optimal levels of humidity for these plants is usually between 40% and 60%. However, they can tolerate lower levels.

If you need to increase the humidity levels the best way to do so is to use a humidifier in the area where you have your plant.

Should I Mist My Neon Pothos?

If humidity levels are low you can try misting your plant. But the better way to help the plant out is to use a humidifier instead of misting.

Small Neon Pothos Plants in Pots

Neon Pothos Plant Toxicity and Pets

All Pothos, including the Neon Pothos, are toxic to both cats and dogs. The plants contain calcium oxalates that can cause GI issues and other problems if your pet ingests or chews on the plant.

If you have Pothos plants and pets, keep the plant up and out of the area where your pet can reach any part of the plant.

 Neon Pothos Propagation

Propagating a Neon Pothos is super easy. You can do this with a cutting and some water. Check out our How To Guide on Propagating Pothos Plants to see how to do this.

Where To Buy a Neon Pothos Plant?

Neon Pothos can be found in big-box stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, or Walmart. You can also check out your local garden centers and plant nurseries that carry houseplants. Etsy is another common place to get cuttings mailed to you if you would like to go the online route.


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