Why Do My Pothos’ Leaves Feel Soft?

Have you noticed soft leaves on your Pothos plant? There are things you can do to help remedy the situation and restore your Pothos back to its normal state.

Why Do My Pothos Leaves Feel Soft?

Check The Soil Moisture Level

Soft Pothos leaves can be caused by several different things. So to determine why your Pothos’ leaves feel soft you will first need to take a look at the moisture level of the soil and determine if your Pothos is overwatered or underwatered.

The easiest way to do this is to just use your finger. Stick your finger into the soil and see if it feels moist or dry.

If using your finger to test the soil moisture isn’t an option, you can always use a moisture meter. But be aware that these are not always that accurate and your feeling the soil with your finger is a much more dependable way to see how the soil feels.

Underwatered Pothos with Soft Leaves

A pothos with dry soil and leaves that feel soft is usually underwatered.

Once the moisture from the leaves themselves starts to get used up by the plant the leaves will become soft and limp. My Marble Queen Pothos has one leaf that becomes soft and will go limp along with curling every time the soil has dried out too long.

A good watering of the plant can help fix the problem if the leaves are soft from underwatering.

Overwatered Pothos with Soft Leaves

The leaves of a Pothos can also become soft and limp if the plant has been overwatered for too long.

This usually starts to happen once root rot has set in. Simply allowing the soil the Pothos is in to dry out is usually not enough at this point to save the plant.

In order to try to save the plant, you will need to repot it. Root rot can be hard to get a plant to recover from. Usually, at this time, it is a good idea to get a cutting from your Pothos and propagate it in water just in case the plant is too far gone and won’t recover.

If it is currently in a pot that does not allow for drainage of water, you need to select a new pot for your Pothos. If you are going to keep it in the same pot, make sure to thoroughly clean out the pot before putting the plant back in it.

Also, make sure the new soil that you use for your Pothos is able to drain well too. You can add perlite to your soil mix to give the roots more aeration and the chance for water to pass through the soil easier.

Take the plant out of its current pot and remove as much of the soil from around the roots as you can. After getting the soil clear of the roots, trim any damaged roots you find with a disinfected cutting tool such as plant shears or scissors. Put the plant into the cleaned-out old pot or its new pot and give it new soil.

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