Why Does My N’Joy Pothos Have Brown Spots?

N’Joy Pothos plants can be touchy to just about everything. They definitely don’t live by the old saying Pothos owners have that the Pothos plant needs a hearty dose of neglect to survive. No, the N’Joy reacts to just about anything that changes in its environment. They can be very picky about their watering and light levels. N’Joy Pothos care can be a headache for some owners who get the super picky one of the bunch. One of the first things to show up on an unhappy N’Joy is brown spots on the leaves. So why does a N’Joy Pothos get brown spots? In this article, we go over the different reasons that brown spots can start showing up on a N’Joy Pothos.

Why does my N'Joy Pothos have Brown Spots?

Why A N’Joy Pothos Could Have Brown Spots On Its Leaves

  • Change in Environment
  • Direct sunlight
  • Too much water.
  • Not enough water.
  • Pests.

Unfortunately, like most houseplant issues, brown spots showing up on your N’Joy isn’t an easy cut and dry thing. The spots are usually the first sign that the plant is having problems and it is not about to tell you what exactly is wrong. It will require some closer inspection to determine what exactly is going on with your plant that is causing the spots to start showing up.

Change In The Environment

Have you just gotten your plant? If so this could be why it is starting to get brown spots on the leaves. Any change in the environment can cause stress on a plant. Coming home from a plant nursery or store into your home is a definite stressor on a new plant.

Time is the only thing that is going to help a plant upset about the environment being changed. Make sure you provide the care that your N’Joy needs and in time it will get better.

Direct Sunlight on Your N’Joy

With big parts of the leaf on an N’Joy having solid white they are very susceptible to damage from direct sunlight. If you have yours sitting in a place where the sun will shine on it directly this can cause burn spots on the leaves.

Pay attention to how the sunlight falls through the window during the day and see if at some point the leaves are getting burn spots from periods of direct sun. If so move your plant to an area where it can get bright indirect light or you can use something to filter the sunlight such as sheer curtains.

NJoy Pothos Leaf with brown spot

Too Much Water or Not Enough Water

N’Joys can be very picky about their water levels.

More often than naught if the brown spots on a N’Joy leaf is due to watering it is because it is getting too much. Allow your Pothos’ soil to dry out more between waterings.

Usually, if brown spots are due to being underwater the N’Joy will also have some leaves with brown edges due to drying out. If you see this then increase the frequency that you water your plant.


Pests can be the other reason that your N’Joy has brown spots. Examine your N’Joy closely, especially on the undersides of the leaves and on the stems of the vine to see if you find any bugs. Culprits that most often cause brown spots are thrips or spider mites. Use an insecticidal soap or neem oil to help get rid of these.

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