Why Is My Chinese Money Plant Drooping?

While it is normal for a slight downward curve on a Chinese Money Plant’s (Pilea Peperomioides) petiole, it is not normal for them to have a drastic curve and look almost like they are going limp. When a Chinese Money Plant leaves are drooping this can be caused by several different issues. In this article, we go over why your Pilea Peperomioides could have droopy leaves and what you can do to help one with drooping leaves.

Why is my Chinese Money Plant Drooping?

Is It Normal For A Pilea Peperomioides To Droop?

It can be common for the petioles of the Chinese Money Plant to have a slight curve downward. But it is not normal for it to be a dramatic downward appearance.

Light can also cause some more than normal curvature. Plants tend to reach toward the light. So you won’t necessarily have drooping leaves for this, just leaves not bending in the normal direction.

A Drooping Pilea Peperomioides

When your plant starts to droop too much, like the picture above, then it is time to try to determine why the leaves are droopy.

Chinese Money Plant Drooping Leaves Due to Needing Water

The most common reason a Chinese Money Plant has drooping leaves is due to needing water. These houseplants can look quite dramatic when they want water.

 A Chinese Money Plant drooping because of needing water and after having water.
A Drooping Chinese Money Plant Before Watering vs After Watering

If you check the soil of your Pilea when it is drooping and you find the soil to be dry, then this is likely the cause of the drooping leaves.

Give your plant some water and within a few hours, you should start to notice less drooping. By the next day it should be completely back to normal.

Chinese Money Plant Root Rot

Root rot can be another cause of droopy leaves. Root rot occurs from overwatering your plant.

If your Chinese Money Plant is drooping and when you check the soil it is still very moist and soggy, then root rot could very well be the cause of drooping leaves.

Root rot can be hard to get a plant to recover from. If you do want to try to get your Pilea to recover you will need to repot the plant and replace the soil. Remove as much soil as you can from the roots and cut away any damaged roots that appear brown and squishy.

Chinese Money Plant Drooping After Repotting

Sometimes after you have repotted your plant you will notice that it is droopy. This can be a normal reaction to the stress that the plant has from the repotting process.

If you have just repotted your plant and notice it start to droop, continue to care for your Chinese Money Plant like normal. Water it once it has dry soil and give it a good amount of indirect light. Within a week you should start to notice it to perk back up.

Too Low of a Temperature

Another reason that they can droop is due to being exposed to too low of a temperature. Having your plant in a place that is below 55°F can cause drooping.

Cold Drafts

Occasional drafts aren’t a problem, but if you have your plant by a door that is used often to the outside or beside an AC vent then you could get drooping.

Check the location where you put your plant. Make sure you aren’t exposing it to cold drafts of air.

How Do You Revive a Drooping Pilea Peperomioides?

To revive a drooping Chinese Money Plant you first need to determine what is causing the drooping. Go through the possible causes above and see if you can see what is the most likely culprit causing the issue.

If the plant needs water then give it water and see if you might need to decrease the amount of time between watering.

If the plant has root rot, repot your plant and you have a chance that it might pull through.

If repotting caused the drooping, you will need to wait it out and care for your plant like normal.

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