Does the Pilea Moon Valley (Pilea Mollis) Flower?

The Pilea Moon Valley Friendship Plant, which is also called the Pilea Mollis is commonly known for its unique-looking leaves that have crevasses in them giving the appearance of valleys. But one thing that is not commonly known about this plant is that the Pilea Mollis can flower. The Pilea Moon Valley does flower when you give the plant the right conditions such as bright indirect light and adequate water.

There are many posts on Reddit about Moon Valley Plants that have flowered and these are usually followed by questions on how to get one to flower. If you have one of these beautiful houseplants you might also be wondering if your Moon Valley will flower and also how you can get yours to bloom.

Does the Pilea Mollis Flower?

What Does The Pilea Moon Valley Flower Look Like?

The Moon Valley’s flower doesn’t look like what you would traditionally think a flower would look. Instead of having large petals the flower on a Pilea Mollis are very small and look almost like little small pink, white, or beige spheres.

Occasionally people will see pollen coming out of these small flowers.

How To Get a Pilea Moon Valley To Flower

There actually isn’t anything special that plant owners need to do to get their Pilea to bloom. These plants tend to produce flowers several times a year as long as you provide them with the right amount of care.

They need bright indirect light. Don’t let the sun shine directly on them. If the plant doesn’t get enough light they usually won’t flower. The first Moon Valley I had I did not keep it in a bright enough light and it never flowered. This can be one of the main factors that people don’t see flowers on their Moon Valley because many times the big box stores say that these plants like low light, when in fact they need bright light.

Flowers on a Pilea Moon Valley Plant
Our Pilea Moon Valley with Flowers

These plants also need a good amount of water. They are tropical and prefer not to go completely dry between watering. Allow the top few inches of the soil to dry but don’t let the entire pot of soil dry out totally before watering it again.

Humidity can also play a role as to when the plant will flower. My Pilea Moon Valley produces more flowers in the summer when the humidity is the highest. But in the winter, I have to have it in a room with a humidifier for any flowers to be produced. The picture above was taken in January when my Pilea still managed to get 2 sets of flowers.

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