Pothos Plants

Pothos plants have been popular in households for decades. Today they are becoming even more popular as new varieties are discovered. They are an easy-to-care-for houseplant that can have beautiful vines that look great indoors. You can get solid-colored pothos such as Jade Pothos or Neon Pothos, and you can get beautiful variegated Pothos such as the Marble Queen Pothos or N’Joy Pothos.

Why Is Pothos Called Devil’s Ivy?

Pothos plants got the nickname of Devil’s Ivy because of how hard it is to kill one of these plants.

They are so hardy and can tolerate neglect so well that you will find many Pothos lovers recommend “a good dose of neglect” when new owners ask for tips on how to take care of them.

Are Pothos Good Indoor Plants?

They are great indoor plants. Pothos will grow easily and can tolerate a wide range of conditions that many other tropical plants won’t do well in.

There are many different Pothos varieties to choose from too. This makes Pothos very desirable because they can be a collectors item for plant lovers.

Pothos Care Guides

Common Pothos Plant Problems and Questions

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