Neon Pothos vs Golden Pothos

With both the Neon Pothos and the Golden Pothos being in the same genus sometimes those new to Pothos plants get different cultivars confused. One of the common questions that comes up is what is the difference between the Golden Pothos and the Neon Pothos. In this article we look at the Neon Pothos vs the Golden Pothos and see what makes the two cultivars different.

Neon Pothos vs Golden Pothos

Are Neon Pothos and Golden Pothos The Same Plant?

No, Neon Pothos and Golden Pothos are two different cultivars of the Pothos plant.

Both the Neon and the Golden Pothos are in the Epipremnum genus but they are two different cultivars of Epipremnum aureum. Both the Neon and Golden Pothos are commonly called Devil’s Ivy, but they still have distinguishing characteristics.

What Is the Difference Between Neon Pothos and Golden Pothos?

The difference between the Neon and the Golden Pothos is the color and variegation of the leaves. Most Neon Pothos don’t have much or any variegation, while Golden Pothos has variegation on most of its leaves.

Neon Pothos are named for the neon lime/yellow color of this cultivar’s leaves. In the picture below you can see that a Neon Pothos has a bright almost neon color to its leaves.

The bright colored leaves of a Neon Pothos Plant

A Golden Pothos on the other hand is a variegated Pothos with dark green and golden or white variegation found on many of its leaves. The variegation can range from barley any to an abundant amount of golden-colored variegation.

Some pictures below show you the differences in variegation that a Golden Pothos can have.

Golden Pothos with very variegated leaves.
Golden Pothos with less variegation on the leaves
Up close Golden Pothos Leaf

As you can see the variegation can be quite different for each Golden Pothos leaf. But they do not have the bright solid neon yellow-green that a Neon Pothos plant has.

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